why exito Broker?

why exito Broker?

The insuring the company is difficult, time-consuming and responsible in all aspects. The reasons are:

  • The specificity of the insurance market, which are characterized by specialized terminology and procedures.
  • The complex nature of insurance contracts, and their general conditions.
  • The appearance of increasingly sophisticated insurance products.
  • Complicated, unfriendly and expensive procedure of claim handling.

If you add to that the necessity to deal with representatives of the insurance company in the process of concluding insurance or compensation, it is indeed difficult to believe in own abilities and strength.

help from an insurance broker is the optimal solution to the problems of insurance for company.

Avoiding the additional cost, you can entrust the a comprehensive service in the field of insurance:

  • Property and communication insurance,
  • Financial insurance (including guarantees),
  • Liability insurance,
  • The insurance industry:
    • construction,
    • marine, shipbuilding,
    • hospital,
    • Waste management plants ;
  • Programs from “employee benefits“ range:
    • group life insurance for workers,
    • health insurance,
    • drug insurance,
    • legal advisory insurance,
    • occupational retirement provision.

we specialize in:

  • dedicated insurance programmes for companies drawn up on the basis of a risk analysis of the insurance in connection with the activities carried out,
  • the analysis of the financial health of insurance company in terms of client security,
  • mediating at the conclusion of insurance contracts and their implementation,
  • the current handling of insurance, which means:
    • insurance administration, keeping databases,
    • attention to the timely payment of premium,
    • accounting for premium,
    • mediation in the transmission of documents,
    • resuming the expiring insurances,
    • reporting and claim handling the damages in collaboration with insurance companies providing cover,
    • the preparation of instructions and the Organization of training courses for the staff responsible for cooperation with our company.

the effect of our actions:

  • the implementation of a comprehensive insurance program to guarantee the conservation of the company,their employees, officers and owners in the event of any damage,
  • saving time and money through the insurance risk management of company, and not involving their own employees to those tasks,
  • lowering the cost of insurance in order to insurance coverage,
  • efficient and competent help in obtaining compensation in the event of a claim,
  • the transfer of responsibility for the correctness of the process insurance companies and workers to the Sp. z o.o.