how we operate

People who are interested in the insurance for their company (from Warsaw and every part of Poland) we encourage you to use the registration form. Filling it in and sending it to us will allow us to initially choose our experts to your specific needs and location- in most cases contact the representatives of the State of our branch of the city closest to your company headquarters, but some things such as Marine insurance-related (risk management)- from Warsaw.

Below are the steps of our activities, in order to meet your expectations concerning your companies insurance.

first of all, we assess the insurance program:
  • substantive assessment of the feasibility and completeness of the insurance cover,which give the client the individual insurance contract.
  • the assessment of the economic cost of individual insurance contracts depending on the scope of the protection granted and rates premiums, which the customer has paid.
secondly, we develop establishing to insurance:
  • we prepare report on the nature of business,technological processes, occurring threats to property and people,
  • we ask client to provide us with the necessary information about:
    • Assets (structure, their value and plan of location),
    • applicable security (anti-theft, fire-extinguishing systems, detectors, etc.),
    • Companies safety procedure, emergeny plans,
    • other documents (e. g. contracts with contractors, financial guarantees m. in. With respect to the requirements of insurance) that may cause the claim in relation to the client. This is particularly important in the civil liability insurance.

These assumptions define the detailed list of ranges of insurance, which will give the customer the maximum scope of protection, taking into account all the factors that occur inside and outside the company (e. g. insurance from elementals, insurance of machines from a crash, insurance of electronic equipment, necessary for the activities of each entily an liability insurance).

the third step is to identify the best insurer/insurers and best offer

Due to legal requirements, the process of the emergence of the insurer provide the most favourable conditions that we have in two ways:

  • by organising open competitions or dedicated to a closed group of insurance companies,
  • by supporting our customers with the completion of the procedures required by law public procurement las. In accordance with the current legislation of the insurance broker can participate in public tender as expert or member of the Commission. Depending on the customer’s decision we appear in the selected role.
and finally the fourth stage, which is the signing of insurance

Brokerage company , depending on your credentials, can conclude on behalf of a client for an insurance contract, or lead to its conclusion.

No matter how short the contrat is, is prepared in cooperation with the customer and drafts with insurance company the final content of the insurance contracts, ensuring that includes terms proposed by inurers in offer while maintaining regulations under the existing law.

Analysis of the restricitons and obligations imposed by the insurer on the client in the body of the general conditions of insurance, which are the basis of contracts, allows us to negotiate such insurance contract, by introducing additional clauses, which can meet the critieria of the expected protection. After the conclusion of the contract, the fifth stage is our cooperation with the client.